River Viiperi wearing VESTIGE for ODDA

ODDA Magazine has just released their 'Decades' issue and inside is River Viiperi wearing our very own Light Into Darkness Tee. Styled by the talented Gregory Wein. The issue explores the gritty extravaganza of the 80's. Perfect vintage style to complement our design. Light Into Darkness has a great cut with a raglan body and a box print that makes a bold statement. River rocks it well.

Check out Light Into Darkness T-Shirt and ODDA Magazine


When we started thinking about the brand at an early stage we knew we wanted to have two signature glyphs - The Hourglass, which encapsulates time and the Fire glyph, which represents civilization. For the Vestige Hourglass shirt we came up with a design that would represent SACRED SANDS | HOLY WATERS through 'vestiges' of the collection. The production process started by hand carving each individual block with a symbol of the season. Using a rich dark indian black ink we stamped the designs onto archival paper that were then scanned and brought together to create the pattern. The result produced a unique shirt that ties the collection and brand together. 


Yesterday was the first cold day here in New York and oh how our world is changing all around us... We have come so far with this brand it has kept us up at night and locked inside for most of the summer working away till the final hours, second guessing ourselves, coming back and re-crafting till we finally feel like we got it right.

We hope you enjoy the shirts as much as we have enjoyed the journey of making them for you. We have a lot more to say and many stories to share. It is our honor to present to you our first collection.