Our Story

“a better graphic tee in every way

How It Started

Our friendship began ten years ago in NYC when we were introduced to each other by a mutual friend as the two guys who love buffalo chicken the most in the world.

Fast Forward

We quickly realized we had a lot in common - like how we couldn't find many options for “grown up” graphic tees. The ones we found looked like they should be sold at souvenir shops. We wanted to make it better.

So we merged our worlds of abstract art and graphic design and VESTIGE was born.

The next several years were spent sketching and designing versatile graphic tees. Shirts you feel comfortable wearing to the beach or on a night out. Together we’ve built a brand around quality fabrics and minimalist design. Perfect for people who want their graphic tee to have grown up with them.

Functional Pieces Of Art

We design with the premise that great art is meant for the everyday. So you can stop wearing t-shirts that look like they were shot into a crowd by a cannon.

Quality We've Obsessed Over

Smart, tailored fit. Stupidly soft feel. Plus, our shirts are pre-shrunk so they will fit the same on day one as day one hundred.

Artist Collaborations